Nhat Hong Traditional Medical Clinic was established in 2010, combining traditional medical treatment approaches of various nations such as Japanese-Vietnamese point acupuncture, Body, Facial and Foot massage, Eastern medicine for foot, cupping, Herbal medicine steam and sauna to treat related spine, vein, join, muscle problems; and common diseases such as headache, shoulder ache, back ache, cold and stress. The clinic has three sighted persons: a Sister who is a physician to take care of diagnosis, a Sister who is an administrator, and an accountant. All masseurs are people with vision impairment, well trained by the Medical University, Traditional Medical Institute, Eastern Medical Association, Nhat Quang & MATA Career Training Center.

At the present, the Clinic serves between 80-100 patients per day. The masseurs are always ready and happy to serve patients. They are provided with opportunities to study further to update their knowledge and talents. They are happy to live and work together, have good income to be able to live independently, send the benefits back to the Center to help younger children, and also to share what they have with people who have more difficulties than themselves. After receiving the love and support of so many, now their hands have become their eyes, opening to heal physical and spiritual problems for others, spread human love, and contribute their abilities to society.