Teaching and caring

People with vision impairment who love children and have teaching abilities are trained to teach children. During their study at high school, they have opportunities to come to classroom as a teacher aid to assist the teacher and learn-on-job. They also are trained to develop the professional behaviour of the teacher, to have love and appreciation for the children and to nurture a flexible and creative mind.  After graduating from high school, they study at college or university. Most of students major in Special Education, Mathematics, and English. Many become teachers for children with vision impairment at Nhat Hong or in their local special schools.

People with vision impairment are trained to know how to care for young children. They are given experience in helping younger children shower, washing, drying and ironing clothes, playing with children and participating in the educational process of children. This career training does not only help them to get a job as a care giver in the future, but also prepares them to care for their own children after their marriage.