• How can you help the blind children at Nhat Hong Center?

- Donating money to purchase food, medicine, cloths, educational materials and to assist the running cost of the center.

In USA: Please make check or money order payable to BVCF and send to: BVCF, PO Box 27036, San Francisco, CA 94127-0036

In Vietnam and other countries: Please contact for arranging money transferring or donation collecting

Sr. Le Thi Van Nga - Phone: +84 908 861 763 - Email:

Sr. Bui Thi Ngoc Yen - Email:

- Donating food, medicines, used calendars, cassette tapes, toys that can make noises, cloths, daily necessities such as toothpaste, soap, etc…

- Identifying children with vision impairment in your local communities and referring them to Nhat Hong to get appropriate services.

- Working as volunteers at the center: health care, teaching and tutoring (English, music, mathematics, physics, chemist,…), making teaching devices, helping blind children in their activities of daily living, helping children with physio-therapy, talking to and playing with the blind, story telling, binding books, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc.

- Making books for the blind such as typing the books into the computer, downloading books from the internet.

- Telling other people about the center.

- Selling and/or buying products made by the blind.

- Being clients of the massage and traditional medicine clinic of the blind and the music center of the blind.

- Many other ways depending on your love and your creativeness!

    Thank you very much for your spiritual and material donations!